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ForumWales Newsletter

Published monthly, the Newsletter will bring you an insight into the month's activity on the Forum and a brief look at some interesting Wales-related content from the Internet at large.

The Newsletter is published with Macromedia's FlashPaper. To view the ForumWales Newsletter, you must have Macromedia's free Flash software installed on your computer. Read it here or print it out!

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The ForumWales Newsletter


The Latest Newsletter


Newsletter Archive

Previous Newsletters are available via this section.

Archive Notes
To download the PDF versions, right click on the corresponding link and select 'Save Target As...' or 'Save Link Target As...' (actual message is dependent on your browser).

Download version requires the free Adobe Acrobat Reader: Click to download

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Issue 1 - July 2005
View Online: Click Here
Download: PDF Version Here
Issue 2 - August 2005
View Online: Click Here
Download: PDF Version Here
Issue 3 - October 2005
View Online: Click Here
Download: PDF Version Here
Issue 4 - December 2005
View Online: Click Here
Download: PDF Version Here
Issue 5 - March 2006
View Online: Click Here
Download: PDF Version Here



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