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ForumWales Membership Map
The ForumWales membership has been growing steadily since the site launch in March 2005. We have active members all around the World, from Swansea to Sydney, Cardiff to California. Support ForumWales!

The membership map shows the locations of many of our members. The map are generated based on the information each member specifies within the 'location' section of their Profile. If they haven't specified a location, they won't appear on the map.

The map uses Google's Map API and 'Javascript' to display the member details, if your browser has Javascript disabled then you won't see the information.

It may take a moment for the map and the member locations to load.

FW Membership Maps


The Map

This map shows the location of ForumWales registered users who have gained Member status (30 posts) or higher and who have provided location details in their profiles. Move around the map by clicking and dragging; use the slider on the left-hand side of the map to zoom in and out. Click on a member icon for more information on that member.

Map updated: 27th January 2008
(Update details can be found here)

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